Sunday, March 29, 2009

little ones go camping: the tent

We go into the tent.
We go out of the tent.
We go into the tent.
We go out of the tent
We go into the tent.
We go out of the tent.

Who possibly knew tents were so fun.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

little ones go camping: off we go

Out the front of the house are lots of little backpacks all nestling together like penguins. Final preparations are being made. Wee Small is saying goodbye to a slug.

Off we go.

We wave goodbye to tummy mountain and wander off into the hills beyond. The Little Ones huff and puff. The Little Ones are not so sure about all this carrying business. Maybe they don't need all this stuff after all.

Wee Tiny has unpacked her bucket and spade.
The Little One doesn't need a big heavy stick now.
And Wee Small gets out Mr Giraffe and repacks it into my bag.

Off we go again.

The Little One asks if we are there yet.
Wee Tiny wants an apple.
Wee Small wants to go home.
Wee Tiny doesn't want an apple, what she meant was she wanted a peeled banana.
The Little One ask how much further.
Wee Small wants to go home.
Wee Tiny cries that she wanted to peel the banana herself.
The Smallest Of All has wandered off.
The Little One asks why we couldn't camp closer, like out the front of the house.
The Smallest Of All has wandered back.
Wee Tiny says she isn't hungry.
Wee Small wants to go home.
The Little One ask how much further.
I say it's just around the corner.
Everyone groans at me.

Off we go again.

Just around the corner we can see the ocean, the sand dunes, the wind swept scrub, and the forests huddling in the valleys. It is astoundingly beautiful. Wee Small wants to be carried.

Off we go again...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

little ones go camping: the night before

It is the night before the little ones will go camping. Wee Small has told Wee Tiny that "we're going camping today" everyday for the past two weeks. The Small One was shining her torch at everyone and everything until the batteries went flat. The Little One has already cut her thumb and we haven't got out the door yet.

Finally we packed everything we needed into little backpacks.

The Little One has packed a very large stick.
Wee Tiny is taking her bucket and spade.
And Wee Small has packed Mr. Giraffe.

It's late. We leave tomorrow. The little ones are not so much sleeping in their beds as jumping on them.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Stop Press!

The tummy mountain space-agency (TuMS) has successfully sent the first Little One to the Moon.

In a world first a very small person has managed to break through the snug atmosphere around the top of tummy mountain to venture forth amongst the stars.

News Establishments across the globe are reporting that this surprise visit made to the Moon by astronaut Wee Small is the cause of great celebrations amongst little people everywhere. Chocolate cake ingredients have sold out and there has even been a stampede for orange juice.

TuMS is continuing to develop even longer ladders for further missions into space.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

dinner time

I shout. I yell. I make a fool of myself, but the little ones just will not come in for dinner.

"Not yet" they yell back.


"Just one last jump"


"One more go"


"We're not finished yet."

Their dinner goes cold.
By the time they do come in they do not eat it.
Repeat performance again tomorrow night but change recipe.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

homeward bound

Sometimes I have to leave the sanctuary of tummy mountain and go out into the other world...

As I return to tummy mountain nothing brings me more joy than the thought of the little ones, and what adventures they have been up to whilst I have been away. When walking around the last hill on my way back to tummy mountain I can always see them busy doing important things.

Today they have dug up the entire front garden looking for worms for a magic potion.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

a piece of tummy mountain: chapter 4

The big big painting continues, more of the details are starting to emerge.

Some reflections, some stepping stones

Some friends, some fairies, and even more grass

head in the clouds

Striving for excellence

We like to strive for excellence when we are squeezing mud through our toes.
We like to keep up with all the hustle and bustle of life.
Sometimes we just watch lines of ants for hours.
No-one does hustle and bustle like ants.
We're also very organised and we tick all the boxes.
Wee Small puts all the boxes near the big tree, and then we tick them.