Wednesday, November 26, 2014


It is time for tummy mountain to have a Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale. 20% OFF - at this point I would like you to imagine  YELLING SHOUTY AND ANNOYING VOICES AND MUSIC. Taking inspiration from the classiness of loud and annoying advertisements blaring out on radio and late night television the little ones bring you the Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale. The little ones are doing their own very good impression of this by running around and yelling.

Sale starts NOW and lasts until December 1st!!! And now some "Unnecessary Punctuation" for effect!!!

Enter the coupon code "WALRUS" (for want of a better word) at checkout for the discount. The Little Ones are standing by to take your orders with sticky tape, paint and maybe a story that doesn't make sense about one of their toys.

I would also like to include the hysterical words "bargain" and "crazy" and "for a short time only"

Saturday, November 15, 2014

colouring in

The tummy mountain laboratories have been working very hard to come up with a solution to one of society's major problems - little ones drawing on walls, furniture, and each other.

At long last and after vigorous testing procedures, the tummy mountain colouring book has been unveiled at a prestigious ceremony on tummy mountain. A distant sheep could be heard bleating away in the background as the assembled guests coloured away quietly. Life can be so lovely sometimes.

tummy mountain colouring book in the tummy shop on etsy